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Prayer Update for European People

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Two women started studying Exploring Christianity with John and Lucy (Belgium) during September.  They had questions like "Is John the Baptist one of the disciples?  Was he Jesus' brother?  Did he write the book of John? What do you think about reincarnation?" and many others.  They felt very accepted in the study and were excited to be able to learn more about the Bible, God, and Jesus without feeling stupid for asking questions.  Pray for T and G as they study.  Pray also for J, who has decided to decline for now.  Perhaps, he will join later.


In Kiev (Ukraine) an 8-week series of stories on “Discovering God” will come to an end in the next two weeks.  Pray that God will move these 10 students to make a decision to follow Christ whole-heartedly.  Workers  believe that God brought these unbelievers to this place to hear the clear message of the gospel in order that their lives would change.  They are trusting God to do a miraculous work.  Pray that they will be bold in asking, “Do you want to be a follower of Christ?”


Lift up Elizabeth and Courtney (Italy) as they start back with university classes and a Bible discussion group, as well as an outreach through the Salvation Army with many who live alternative lifestyles.  Pray that these opportunities will all lead to sharing the grace and truth of Christ.  No one is too lost to be saved by Christ!


Pray with Boyd (Czech Republic) for a new outreach starting in the Prague area to reach out to Roma.


Russell and Ingrid Woodbridge (Ukraine) write, “Russell will teach ‘Introduction to Missions’ at Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (Nov 2-6) to a new group of potential Ukrainian missionaries.  Pray that these students will take the information back to their churches to mobilize others for reaching the nations.”


Pray for Daniel (Romania) who has 2 teams coming this month to reach out to Roma.  Intercede that God will be glorified during these times.


Nearly 100 of our Euro Affinity personnel have elected to accept the early retirement plan that the IMB is offering.  Please remember these folks as they make their plans and preparations to return to the States and begin a new phase of life there.  They are trusting the Lord to meet all their needs – homes, transportation, jobs, etc.   Intercede that each one will serve Him well, wherever He places them and that His Kingdom will be advanced in amazing and unexpected ways.

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