40 Days of Prayer - Days 1 & 2

My wonderful wife, Elise, is posting our Euro Affinity Group prayer emphasis on our facebook prayer group and I thought you would want to join in. Sorry, as I am a day late.

Don't let the title of this - 40 Days of Prayer - intimidate you. This emphasis is not meant to be a long drawn out time of prayer each day, but hope it will serve as a little reminder to us to pray daily for each other and for the salvation of Europeans. Use these texts and prayer prompts to guide you and allow God to determine how long or short of a time you pray each day. May this be a rewarding and habit-forming activity that will lead each of us to ever greater depths of prayer!

September 9

Ps. 145:11-12 They will speak of the glory of your kingdom and will declare your might, informing all people of Your mighty acts and of the glorious splendor of Your kingdom. 

Pray that we will be faithful to speak of the glory of God’s kingdom and declare His might informing Europeans about His mighty acts and declaring the glorious splendor of His Kingdom...


September 10

Ps. 82:4-5 Rescue the poor and needy; save them from the hand of the wicked. They do not know or understand; they wander in darkness.

Europeans are spiritually poor and needy. Pray that God will save them from the evil one, grant understanding, and lead them from darkness to light...


The Cooperative Program & David Platt

J.D. Greear is hitting at some truths about SBC life and fund-raising that may serve as food for thought concerning the state of the Cooperative Program and Southern Baptists' ability to work together.
My prayer is for our new president to have great wisdom from God. Projections of giving according to SBC demographics are dismal. God can overcome the challenges, but only if we are willing to change our approach to the funding of missions.

Responding When You Don't Get Your Own Way

Bart Barber at Praise God Barebones and Paige Patterson both responded with kindness and graciousness to the news of David Platt being elected as the new IMB president. Both have set the bar high for the type of response we make when things don't go the way we want them to. You can read their responses by clicking the links above.
Platt looks ahead to missions challenges is an article that begins sharing some of the vision and drive I think will influence Southern Baptists to be involved in the Great Commission as never before and to win over a great many who were not in favor of his election as the IMB's president.
Below is a short video of David Platt sharing some of the vision he is coming to the job with.

Vision and Challenge

David Platt presents a very concise and challenging vision to the task of reaching the world with the gospel. I am thankful for the three plus years Dr. Elliff led the IMB; it brought a period of healing, health, and restoration. It is time to push forward.

Organizational transition is kind of like the start of football season - everyone is full of hope and nobody has a loss on their record. Watch the video below and see if your heart is not stirred by the simplicity of the challenge to give all for God's kingdom.



4 Challenges for IMB M's as David Platt Becomes Our President

Later, I'll post several links about the exciting news yesterday that David Platt is the new president of the IMB. It is good news; one that gives me a lot of hope for our organization and denomination. The following four challenges are but a few we face in the coming days.

1. To continue in prayer for David Platt and his family, as well as to follow his leadership. He is called to lead us and all I know about him, which is only through books and vimeo messages, says he will. Can we prayerfully adjust to his leadership?

2. To focus on the work to which we are called, even in the midst of transition. The lost around us don't care about the IMB's new president or even know about the IMB or SBC. The lost around us don't care whether our organization is healthy or not. The lost around us still need the gospel; they need us, though don't know it, to focus on disciple-making, church-starting, leadership-developing ministries. Can we focus on our stated purpose while in the midst of transition?

3. To accept the inevitable and needed changes that are just around the corner. Many of us, me included, could be asked to make major life changes so the IMB can be better focused. This is not to demean or undervalue today's ministries, but is a recognition evaluation and change are often needed and usually propel us forward. Most of us have known we are due another reorganization; the question was when. Can we embrace the change and commit ourselves on this end to work through it with a great attitude and an open heart?

4. To network with SBC churches, national believers, and GCC partners with humility and excellence, all the while building our relationship with them. We've all been taught that we did not have to worry about funding and the churches back home would take care of it; "holding the ropes," as we often heard. None of us anticipated our financial strategy would show signs of failing. While I could say a lot about why it has happened, I think everyone agrees there has been a shift in how SBC churches give to missions. Some have lamented it, but I wonder how we ought to respond if the shift has been lead by God? What if the churches have adjusted how they give in response to His leadership? Can we learn to network deeply and broadly for the sake of the kingdom of God?

Below is  David Platt's message to the SBC.

New IMB President David Platt speaks to Southern Baptists from IMB on Vimeo.