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Kenley Fortner, 1935 - 2015

My father-in-law died on May 12, 2015. Elise and I arrived in Austin, Texas the next day sad we did not make it before he died but glad he was no longer suffering. Cancer can be a long, drawn-out battle or it can go very fast. We knew he was sick less than a month before he died.

The trip back was not easy; yet, there were many blessings. Family who supported and encouraged even in the midst of their own grief; friends who came to love on us when they did not have to; Ryan and Summer flying to the funeral from China and leaving five days later; Bret driving the 650 mile round trip on two consecutive weekends to be there with us; and an employer that treated us with kindness and love, all the while making sure we knew how the policies for bereavement leave would work.

We miss Paw-paw, the correct spelling of which is open to debate, every second of every day. We are thankful for his faith that gives the certain hope he is now with the Lord. Below is a picture of Elise with her dad, taken last year in Vienna.

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Trey and Elise:
So sorry to hear of your father's passing. Been praying for you every step of the way, and will continue to do so. We are never ready for things like this, I am lucky to have both my parents aged 84, healthy and kicking. But we have lost both of my wife's parents in the last 3 years. We still miss them every day, as we lived with them for the last 7 years. But something beautiful has happened to both of us: we now take nothing for granted. Out of our grief a real deep thankfulness has emerged that gives us a lot more compassion and empathy for others. My prayer is that you will be able to remember him with thankfulness for the great gift of his life- and may it empower you to love Christ's gifts everywhere. They are there, every day. (Heb. 13:8)
June 18, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterChris L. Snyder

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