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Eugene Peterson's Influence on My Life

Eugene Peterson is often criticized in more conservative circles; something we seem excel in. But I love Eugene Peterson's books and he has had more influence on me than any other author.

Which books by Eugene Peterson, and I've read them all, have influenced me the most?

1. The "Conversations in Spiritual Theology" Series

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

Eat This Book

The Jesus Way

Tell It Slant

Practice Resurrection plus A blog about and excerpt from Practice Resurrection


2. How to be a Pastor

Working the Angles

Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

The Contemplative Pastor

The Unnecessary Pastor


3. Two Classics

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Run with the Horses


I don't read a lot of books a second time. These are so good and influential, I've read them all several times. In an evangelical world that is often more about appearances than reality, Peterson is a fresh breeze bringing challenge, encouragement and life.

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