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Serious Atheists as a Blessing

Vox Popoli writes an excellent blog, which today had a good report on working with atheists; visit the site to read and find the link concerning a debate between an atheist and a Christian.  A real debate, full of serious people, rules, and a respectful audience.  By all accounts (click here for good one), the Christian, Bill Craig, won hands down.

If you are working with atheists, you should read the form of debate Mr. Craig used.  While I found it all very interesting and will use this information in the future, it also made me jealous.  Why?  I would love to have some serious atheists to work with.  Mine could care less and have typically not even thought about why they are an atheist;  it is kind of like asking a lot of Baptists why they are a Christian.  They don't really know, but it is the best thing to be in their culture.  There is a blessing in having people seriously consider truth, even when they come to different conclusions.

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