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This afternoon, my friend Tomislav and I will be going to the villages an hour south of here to arrange the purchase of wood for heating this winter. We will be meeting with Duro (JEW-row) who is a dear brother and one of the kindest men you could ever want to meet.

The area we are going to was overrun at the beginning of the “Homeland War” in 1991. It was then overrun again at the end of the war in 1995. The first experience cleansed the area of Croats. The second forced the Serbs of the area to flee. Both actions left the area devastated in every possible way.

This area has several churches. Some date back to the early years of Baptist work in the 1920s. We are sponsoring agriculture development projects in this area as well as several others. Many are not only learning about how to recover economically but about other matters which are far more important.

Later today I will post some pictures from our experiences today.

I would ask that you remember Tomislav and I in your prayers. Ask that we could be great encouragers and that we would take advantage of every God-given opportunity to speak words of truth, mercy and grace.

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